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À l’heure actuelle, le processus de demande en ligne dans le cadre du programme En santé ensemble, aujourd’hui, n’existe qu’en anglais. La version française sera offerte dans les plus brefs délais. Vous pouvez obtenir des formulaires en français en communiquant directement avec votre personne-ressource de l’ORS, dont la liste se trouve…

Currently the HTN online application is only available in English. The French online application will be available as soon as possible. French forms are available by contacting your RHA Lead directly. To find your RHA Lead please see

The online HTN Application form is in a working draft format. If you find anything wrong, please send a description of the issue to Daniel Gravenor at

Community applicants:

Healthy Together Now (HTN) projects and initiatives are community-led and address the current needs and issues identified by each community and Winnipeg community area. Each region and Winnipeg community area has a community based committee that reviews the applications and HTN will not necessarily fund identical projects across regions or Winnipeg.

It is important that you talk to your Regional Health Authority lead before you apply for any Healthy Together Now Funding for several reasons:

  • Each region and Winnipeg community area offer application intakes at different times of the year – in some areas a call for applications is only offered once during the year. Please call before you start an application.
  • The amount of funding available through HTN varies from region to region and across Winnipeg community areas

If you would like to submit a monitoring form for your project, please visit the monitoring form page.

If you would like to apply for HTN community projects, please complete the form below.
Your data is saved to this page automatically - submit when complete
  1. RHA Contact Information
  2. Your / Primary Contact Information
  3. Optional / Secondary Contact Information

  4. Cheque payable to (name of organization):
  5. I have read the HTN Funding Guidelines and I Agree to follow them

  6. Requested project funds will be over $500
  7. Project Name:
  8. Is this a new community project?
  9. Have you received HTN funding before?

  10. What is your project focus? (check all that apply)
  11. Who is your target population(s)? (check all that apply)
  12. Describe your project: About 200 words or less
  13. What is your project trying to do (goals)? About 200 words or less
  14. Describe what key actions you will be taking to reach your project's goal(s) About 200 words or less
  15. Describe how you have involved your target population or community in planning your project About 200 words or less
  16. How does your project connect with or strengthen other programs in your community? About 200 words or less
  17. How will you get feedback from participants/community about the project? About 200 words or less
  18. Project / activity details:

  19. What evidence did you consider in developing the project? (check all that apply)
  20. Identify sectors or groups that will be involved: (check all that apply)
  21. Please list partners / organizations that will be involved and their contributions. Please estimate a dollar amount for each contribution (include in-kind and actual)

  22. Amount of funding requested for project:
  23. Complete budget template provided:
    Do not use commas in numbers, ex 30000 not 30,000
    Cash Description
    Training fees
    Total Program Expenses
  24. Are you planning to continue the project beyond HTN funding?
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